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PDF2PageTurn can help you convert your PDF documents into webpages
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PDF2PageTurn can help you convert your PDF documents into webpages that can be browsed like real books. It has a pleasant user graphic interface and allows two working modes. Thus, beginners will not have any difficulty if they use the available wizard to go through the necessary steps without much effort. However, advanced users who need to have more personalized results can use the Expert mode instead.

The application allows you to set the image quality according to your needs and possibilities. You can also improve the visibility of your document on search engines by entering such information as title, keywords and description. Moreover, you can decide the type of output. Thus, you can save the resulting pages on a local folder. Likewise, it lets you store them on an FTP server or publish them on two different online sites (brochures.com and eCatalog). What is more, it can also create a standalone application for Windows or Android devices. Luckily, since uploading data may sometimes take some time if your connection is slow, you can create a processing queue to upload batches of files.

In general, PDF2PageTurn can create good-looking pages with great navigation controls. However, it is a real pity that the trial version of the program prints an ugly watermark on the pages.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It supports two modes
  • It lets you improve the visibility of your pages
  • It allows uploading contents to websites
  • It supports uploading to FTP
  • It can create standalone executable files


  • The trial version stamps an ugly watermark on the pages that affects evaluating the quality of the results
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